Who we are

Following a bad injury, after several years of national competitions, Andrea Favari decided to turn his passion into work and founded the FVR RACE in 2000 to meet the needs of drivers of all levels.

In 2002 the real adventure begins, working for some teams in the MX3 world championship, followed then for some years by the European EMX2, from the then world MX1, MX2, up to MXGP

Over the years Andrea has specialized in working, even abroad, in the development and development of two and four-stroke engines but to do so he had to move away from his workshop that in the meantime, kept alive, turning it into a garage of everything respect.

In 2017 dreams come to the surface, jealously kept in the drawer since the earliest times; This is how a new project was born: REX RACING the technique and experience of the teams, involved in the world championships, at the service of those who want to face a professional motorcycle season and try to turn their dreams into reality!